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What's up, I'm Adam

I'm a web designer and developer and systems administrator from Boston, MA. I am a 2009 graduate of Syracuse Univerity's School of Information Studies and Whitman School of Management.

I suppose you could say I got started with technology when I was in elementary school. I had a problem - as most older brothers at that age do - with my younger brother coming into my room and "borrowing" my stuff, so I set out to find a way to stop him. Somehow, I decided on an electronic alarm system (call me a nerd). It started with a simple $20 device from RadioShack, but eventually I got bored and wanted something fancier. I convinced my Dad to take me to look at an alarm in an electrical supply shop, and ended up buying and installing what essentially was a professional alarm system in my bedroom (ok, a wicked nerd).

In the process of installing this system in my room, I messed something up. Hey! What do you want!? I was only like 12. So I called technical support for the manufacturer. During my second or third call with them, a technician finally asked me "How old are you?" I was worried that he'd hang up on me if I told the truth, but I managed to stammer "tw-tw-tw-twelve". Well he didn't hang up on me, and after several phone calls over several days, I was ending one call with the Technical Support Manager when he asked me if my father was home. I pass the call off to my dad, who's thinking "Oh great, this guy's going to tell me to tell my annoying kid to stop calling and bothering them."

Au contraire. Apparently, as he would tell my father, the technicians couldn't tell if I was an adult with a really weird voice, or if I was a kid asking really intelligent questions. When they discovered that it was the latter, someone decided they just had to meet me. They extended an invite to the entire family to visit the corporate offices outside San Francisco. "Well that's great, the next time we're in California we'll stop by." Oh no. They wanted to pay to fly me, my brother, my mother, and my father from Boston to San Fransisco for a week! That February, off we went.

Anyhow, long story...well...long, that's more or less where I got my start in technology. Today, I've moved on from trying to keep my brother out of my room, and am now planning world domination (just kidding, I'll leave that to the Brain). Today I enjoy working with various technologies to leverage the power of the Internet, and to help those around me leverage that same power. It's why I build kickin' websites to help people and companies get their name out there, and it's why I'm always looking for new technologies that can do it better, faster, and cheaper.

Please, take a look around. Check out a sample of past work in my web development portfolio. See exactly what web design and development and IT services I offer, and what I can offer you. And if you have any questions or comments, drop me a line!